Thursday, July 16, 2009

^~^My Fallen Angel^~^ (Itachi Lemon one shot for RinXFallenangel)

Name: Kiara Hyuuga
Age: 19
Village: Hidden Leaf
Abilities or Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan
Rank: Anbu
Past: she was an orphan she had been there since she was a baby but now she lives by herself in a run down apartment.
Personality: short tempered, shy, self conscious, energetic, but inwardly sad

=======STORY START=======

Today was this normal ninja boring day because you were off, so you went to train in the forest but as you get there you see a figure sitting on a rock. You walked up behind him and wrapped your arms around him.

“What are you doing here Itachi?” You asked him.

“Waiting for you.” He replied simply meeting your gaze with his own.

“Why would you wait for me?” You asked again curious. The added. “ You know if you get caught I will laugh and said I told you so.” You stated giggling at him. He stood up walking away, but before he got any further you grabbed his arm. He stopped and took something out of his cloak. A scroll and handed it to you, confused was writing all of your face. You read it and dropped the scroll looking up at him.

“I cant do this no more Itachi, you have only known me for a year how would you know I would not turn you in?” You questioned. As soon as you said that he grabbed you by the throat pinning you next to the tree. His Sharingan eyes staring at you blankly. You felt a lump in your throat as his grip got even more tight making it hard for you to breath.

“If that is the case then maybe I should kill you here and now.” He stated putting the kunai at your throat, this alone made you angry you started to fight him back only manage to make him fall backwards. You on top trying to pin him down but he flipped you over so he was on top now. You looked up at him and for some reason a light blush came to your cheeks. He got off of you and carefully walked away. You grunted as you stood and walked back home. The leader of the Akatsuki asked if you could get information on another biiju which you knew you couldn’t with out raising suspicion. Pissed off as you entered your rundown apartment. You punched a hole in the wall.

How could I like him, he is an emotionless man.’ You thought getting more and more angry but then sad. ‘Even if I told him, would he accept? I have been working and helping him mostly alone and this is what I get for falling in love with him.’ You thought bitterly as tears became quite sobs. Your eyes soon come to a close, and sleep devours you in darkness. Dawn’s approaching light flickered in your face; you woke to start your daily routine. As you come out of the shower there he was again sitting solemnly on your bed, you blushed at this feeling slightly embarrassed for being in only a towel. You quickly grabbed your undergarments and walked back into the bathroom. This time when you came out you were in you bra and underwear. You stood in front of your closet looking for something to wear as two strong arms wrapped around you waist. You tilted your head back against his chest looking up into his eyes.

“Yes Itachi?” You questioned as he turned you around. Glancing all around your curves and lightly touching your body with the tips of his fingers. You shivered at his cold touch wanting it more.

“Don’t try to fight, Kiara.” He whispered huskily in your ear before claming his lips to yours. You returned his kiss instantly, slowly his tongue licked your bottom lip begging for entrance at first you refused so he slid his left hand down the small of your back and then to your butt squeezing it roughly, you gasped at this and he took the advantage slipping is tongue around every crevice of your mouth. After is victorious search he started massaging your tongue. You started to disrobe his cloak and shirt breaking to kiss only moments. He went back to your lips once his shirt was off, your hands moved over his chest and you started to knead his nipples earning a groan from him. He moved from your lips down your jaw and to your neck. You moaned loud when he found your soft spot, he smirked hearing you moan. Moving his hands to your bra unhooking it, as he did you had your hands to the hem of his pants unbuttoning them. He lifted you up wrapping your legs around him; his pants were kicked off as he carried you over to the bed. Crawling on top of you he trailed his kisses from your neck down your stomach. Parting you legs he began to rub the clit, you wiggled as he did. You jerked your body when you feel him stick one finger inside of you.

“I-Itachi, stop please not there. Uhh.” You said feeling a tingling sensation soaring through out your body. He ignored your plea sticking another finger in, you moaned out.

“Ah, please, Ahh…” You moaned and untied his hair, pulling it and making him moan your name to. He pulled his fingers out only to replace it with his tongue, you bucked you hips up and he grabbed your waist holding you in place.

“Hmmm, Itachi mmm.” You groaned. He continued his teasing until you decided it was enough flipping him over with you on top. You kissed his lips roughly trailing down to his neck biting, nearly drawing blood he moaned your name softly and you continued passed his collarbone down his stomach. When you got to his cock you wrapped your fingers around the base licking the tip to tease him.

“Kiara stop teasing me.” He moaned out as you started to rub up and down his base still softly licking the tip. He kept groaning and buckling his hips, finally you put it all in your mouth deep in the back of your throat, you did a slow bobbing of your head while you hand continued to play with his balls.

“Kiara, ummm.” He moaned as you began to pick up pace, you kept going faster and faster. That is until he flipped you over again.

“Itachi wait, will it hurt?” You asked him and he nodded.

“Only for a few moments then you will be alright.” He replied then placing his lips over yours. Spreading your legs apart with his knee, you put your hands around his neck deepening the kiss preparing for the pain. He thrusted hard and slowing moving as tears rolled down your cheeks breaking the kiss he licked the streaming tears. He pulled out and thrusted again hard. He did in and out for a while then hearing your cries turn into soft pleasurable moans. He smirked against your skin thrusting in and out fast and rough.

“Itachi please faster.” You pleaded and he did as you asked.

“Kia-Ita, uhhh” you both moaned in unison, he pulled out flipping you onto your stomach, right when you screamed out in pain again. He thrusted in and out of you’re a*s, both coming close to an ended he did this roughly in and out. Hearing you moan and scream out his name to go faster and harder.

“Kiara,hmmm.” He moaned flipping you back, he thrusted inside your pussy again harder and harder with each thrust until your felt double the sensation.

“Right there Itachi hit again there. Fuck me harder and faster” You moaned out as he kept hitting that spot faster and harder. The walls around his cock began to tighten and he thrusted a few more times as you both reached your climax.

“ITACHI.” You yelled out.

“KIARA.” He moaned out thrusting again spilling his seed into you. He collapsed on your chest ever so lightly, both panting for air with sweat running down both your bodies. He rolled over to lay next to you, kissing softly on your neck.

“I love you, Kiara.” He panted in your ear, you turned to your side facing him with a smile.

“I love you too, Itachi.” You replied kiss his lips again then falling asleep in each others embrace.